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Once again Computational Life has been selected to pitch in front of investors and startup expert its great platform. Just 100 startups selected to be part of the Digithon 2018, in Puglia from 6th to 9th of September. Stay tuned to see what happen...

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After 3 days of selection, Computational Life passed the final and has been accepted into the best Digital Health Accelerator in the world: Startup Boot Camp - Berlin. Thanks again to the great team of SBC, all the great mentors that we already met and all the colleagues from the innovative startups that will accompany us on this journey. See you all September 3rd!

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Where everything started. Christian Contarino presented its technology to the Startup Weekend Bolzano the 6th - 8th October 2017. Carlo Rivis understood immediately the potential jumping on board. Few months later Davide Chieco joined the team and together founded Computational Life

About Computation Life

We cannot use the human body as a testing platform.

Mathematics & Medicine can work together to discover new solutions with no need to hurt any living being.

Simulate the Physiology, Understand the Pathology.

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